Other Organizations

Coastal Watershed Council (CWC)

The Coastal Watershed Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to coastal watershed protection through monitoring, research, education and stewardship. CWC's mission is to protect and restore the watersheds of the Monterey Bay region through education and community outreach. CWC monitoring data has helped to establish baseline conditions for creek areas and has contributed to watershed assessments and restoration activities. CWC's philosophy is to get people out into their watersheds so that they may understand riparian and aquatic ecosystems and better protect these environments.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD)

Mission Statement: "To acquire and preserve a regional green belt of open space land in perpetuity; protector and restore the natural environment; and provide opportunities for ecologically sensitive public enjoyment and education."

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS)

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is a Federally protected marine area offshore of California's central coast. Stretching from Marin to Cambria, the MBNMS encompasses a shoreline length of 276 miles and 5,322 square miles of ocean. Supporting one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems, it is home to numerous mammals, seabirds, fishes, invertebrates and plants in a remarkably productive coastal environment. The MBNMS was established for the purpose of resource protection, research, education, and public use of this national treasure. The MBNMS is part of a system of 13 National Marine Sanctuaries administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Monterey Bay Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network (Network)

The Monterey Bay Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network is a consortium of citizen monitoring groups that monitor the health of the watersheds flowing into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The goal of the Network is to work towards comprehensive monitoring by helping to create integrated, long-term, volunteer-based water quality and watershed monitoring programs within the Sanctuary and its accompanying watersheds.

San Mateo County Resource Conservation District (SMC RCD)

The San Mateo County Resource Conservation District or RCD has been partnering with landowners and users in the coastside to conserve natural resources since 1939. The RCD is a nonregulatory agency that works in volunteer partnership to improve the land by reducing erosion and building soils, control runoff, improve water quality, protect species and improve habitat. The RCD helps people become better stewards through the implementation of conservation practices.

Save Our Shores

Save Our Shores' mission is to protect and conserve the marine ecosystems of California's central coast for all generations. For over twenty-five years Save Our Shores has been an active leader in keeping our communities informed about ocean issues.

Surfrider Foundation (San Mateo County Chapter)

San Mateo County Chapter of Surfrider Foundation is an environmental group who has formed to help protect the wetlands, bird life, beaches, and surf spots that constitute this coastal environment. We rely completely on the support of individuals and corporate sponsors who are concerned about the preservation of their coastal environment.