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Help us pay for a sign to protect Steelhead and Coho Salmon

San Gregorio Beach Lagoon Sign

This beautiful sign at San Gregorio State Beach will educate beachgoers about the dangers of artificially breaching the sandbar that separates the fresh water from the salt water and open sea.


Coastal Cleanup Day a Success!

Save bags!  Bring your own bucket

Coastal Cleanup Day was Saturday, September 16th 9am-Noon.  SGERC sponsored the cleanup again this year, and even though the lagoon had not yet breached, many pounds of trash and recycleable were removed from the beach, picnic, and parking areas.

After a brief orientation, volunteers worked in teams to collect debris and record the trash picked up.  Data collected from these events guide efforts to reduce trash and their impacts on the environment.  Picking up the trash ... well, you immediately see the difference!

Parking for volunteers is free at San Gregorio State Beach.

(Did you know that 80% of trash that enters the ocean from California comes from inland areas?)

Plan on joing us in 2018! More information at coastforyou.org or by contacting SGERC at sgerc@sanmateo.org.


The USGS gage at Stage Road is in jeopardy of being shut down for lack of funds.

Sufficient stream flow is critical to a healthy watershed.

The USGS gage at Stage Road records stream flow as an essential indicator of stream habitat health. To obtain a permit for off stream storage, stream flow data from the USGS gage is required.

Many agencies are working together with farmers and ranchers to provide off stream storage of water in times of plenty. The water stored in ponds can be used for agriculture instead of drawing water from the stream when flows are low.

Historically the gage has been maintained by a combination of public and private funds. Unfortunately, the gage is offline now. SGERC is actively pursuing a solution. 

San Gregorio USGS gage site

San Gregorio Watershed Management Plan

The San Gregorio Watershed Management Plan is completed! You can download it here or from the home page of this website.
The Watershed Management Plan contains an overview of the area's history, current status, and recommendations for improving the health of the environment for all beneficial uses. It is a "living" document, and can be updated to reflect any changes or new recommendations. It provides a framework to guide any restoration work or studies.

Stream Gage in need of funding!!

The San Gregorio streamgage is once again losing its operational funding. The current source of funding will end January 11th, 2010. If an agreement to fund this gage is not in place by Jan. 11th, 2010, the USGS will be forced to cease operation, thus this very important source of streamflow information for all activities in the San Gregorio Creek watershed will no longer be available. Any party with concrete information on funding sources should immediately contact:
Larry Freeman
Marina Field Office
lfreeman@usgs.gov In addition, the San Gregorio Environmental Resource Center is accepting private donations of any size to help fund this gage for the upcoming year. Please make checks payable to SGERC and mail to:
PO Box 49
San Gregorio, CA 94074

Write "Stream Gage" in the Memo field to direct funds to this project.

Assessment and Plan Overview

SGERC, with the Natural Heritage Institute and several partners, has been awarded a $500,000 grant for a Watershed Assessment and Plan for the San Gregorio Watershed.  This Assessment and Plan will allow us to better understand the current state of the watershed and determine what, if any, steps should be taken in the future to ensure water quality, water quantity and the general health of the environment. This will benefit all water users, residents and visitors in the watershed. This will be a two year project beginning in January of 2007. More information will be available on the Watershed Info page of this website in coming months.

EPA Grant

San Gregorio Environmental Resource Center will be a partner in a grant obtained by American Rivers entitled "San Gregorio Creek Watershed - Filling Critical Flow Needs"
Meetings have begun with potential partners, technical advisors and those with an interest in issues pertaining to the San Gregorio Watershed.

Goals of the study include
- Methods to protect or increase stream flows for water rights holders & wildlife
- Increased water quality monitoring of the lagoon
- Lagoon dynamics; temperature, sediment and impacts of breaching
- Sharing these findings with other California Coast watershed groups.

Info at sgerc office (650 726-2499) or sgerc@sanmateo.org
If you would like email notification of meetings or progress, please join our mail list by contacting the office at sgerc@sanmateo.org.