Stream Gage in need of funding!!

The San Gregorio streamgage is once again losing its operational funding. The current source of funding will end January 11th, 2010. If an agreement to fund this gage is not in place by Jan. 11th, 2010, the USGS will be forced to cease operation, thus this very important source of streamflow information for all activities in the San Gregorio Creek watershed will no longer be available. Any party with concrete information on funding sources should immediately contact:
Larry Freeman
Marina Field Office
lfreeman@usgs.gov In addition, the San Gregorio Environmental Resource Center is accepting private donations of any size to help fund this gage for the upcoming year. Please make checks payable to SGERC and mail to:
PO Box 49
San Gregorio, CA 94074

Write "Stream Gage" in the Memo field to direct funds to this project.